CFA Outline


Chartered Financial Analyst Course is focused on asset management and investment research.The rigorous and comprehensive program is a brilliantly balanced mix of concepts and practice that is meant to train practitioners. The CFA body of knowledge is regularly reviewed so that candidates are armed with the latest tools, ideas and concepts. It emphasizes on Ethics; CFA charter holders confirm to the highest standards of professional conduct.


Topics are taught with the use of worked examples throughout the course. This is backed up with question practice and debriefs to ensure you arecomfortable in applying your knowledge to exam standard questions. Our lecturers will ensure that you feel prepared for the style, format and challenges that await you on the day of the exam. This Course is designed to help you:

  • Develop a good understanding of each topic
  • Focus on the key knowledge needed for the exam
  • Apply knowledge in questions and reinforce exam techniques
  • Focus on topics you feel weak
  • Develop your exam strategy
  • Crystallize and refresh the understanding of topics
  • Obtain an overview and debrief
  • Revisit some tricky and difficult concepts



Level I

Ethical and Professional Standards

Quantitative Methods


Financial Statement Analysis

Corporate Finance

Portfolio Management


Equity and Fixed Income

Derivatives and Alternative Investments

Level II Ethical and Professional Standards

Quantitative and Professional Standards

Economics for Valuation

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Corporate Finance


Alternative Investments

Fixed Income

Derivative Investments

Level III Behavioral Finance

Capital Markets Expectations

Asset Allocation


Equity Portfolio Management

Alternative Investments for Portfolio Management

Risk Management &Applications of Derivatives

Execution of Portfolio Decisions; Monitoring & Re Balancing