Corporate Governance for SMEs

Zurich Training Institute is pleased to invite you to our “Corporate Governance for SMEs”course that is composed of two days comprehensive workshop.

The purpose of this workshop is to equip SMEs with diagnostic tools to implement sound Corporate Governance processes and structure. Good Corporate Governance can help SMEs improve performance,increase access to finance,and foster sustained growth.The course is designed to be interactive,where by participants will discuss Corporate Governance principles and then determine how best to apply them in their own organizations.

What to be covered in the workshop?

  • Overview of the IFC Corporate Governance Methodology for SMEs.
  • Interactive action planning sessions assessing the corporate governance practices of the participations’companies.
  • Exposure to corporate governance tools,techniques and templates.
  • Investor Networking Session where participants get to meet investors who discuss the importance of good corporate governance in accessing finance.
  • Access to finance.

The uniqueness of this course:

  • Scientific materials developed by IFC.
  • Interactive action planning sessions assessing the corporate governance practices of the participations’ companies.
  • Exposure to corporate governance techniques and templates
  • Diagnostic tool file,other related annexes and real case studies that can be used directly by the company

Who should attend the workshop?

  • Individuals from the senior,executive and board levels of companies who wish to improve their corporate governance practices.
  • Corporate secretaries who will be assisting companies to implement corporate governance practices.
  • Family members from Family Owned Enterprises who wish to ensure the sustainability of their company.

Originalcost:8000 DHS perparticipant.

  • Participants that pay for the program in one payment,
  • Groups of 3 or more participants.


Module #1 : Introduction on Corporate Governance for SMEs

IntroductionIFC Corporate Governance Program and CG Diagnostic Tool.
Introduction to Corporate Governance.
Why is Corporate Governance Important to SMEs.
Investor’s Perspective and Case Example.

Module #2 : Building an Effective and Efficient Board

Buildingan Effective and Efficient BoardBoards:Why,What,&How?
IFC– CG Matrix.
Advisory Board of Directors.
Setting a Formal Boards of Directors-Board Roles–Director Duties–Chairman’s Role.
Board Composition– Board Committees.
Board Procedures – Corporate Secretary – Board Remuneration – Board Evaluation.
Case Study:Transforming a Family Business.

Module #3 : Management Control Environment

Manage Your BusinessBusiness Planning and Monitoring Processes.
Organizational Structure and Information Flow.
HR and IT Management Functions.
Control Your BusinessRisk Management and Internal Control Framework.
Finance and Accounting Sub-functions/Cycles.
Internal and External Audit.
Annex1Risk Management & Internal Control Framework.
Annex2Finance and Accounting Sub-functions/Cycles.

Module #4 : Disclosure and Transparency

Disclosure and TransparencyInternal and External Communication.
Annual Report and Disclosure Examples.
Trouble-shooting Guide for the Board.
Diagnostic: How transparent are your disclosure practices?
Disclosure and Transparency– Regulatory views.

Module #5 A : Family Governance

Family GovernanceFamily Governance.
Important Topics in Family Business Governance.
Case Study:Family Board Transformation.
Diagnostic: Is your family business effectively governed?
Annex1More on Family Institutions.
Annex2Family Businesses and IPOs.

Module #6 B : Share holding Practices

Shareholding PracticesShareholders’ Rights.
Code of Conduct and Related Party Transactions(RPTs).
Conflict of Interest.
Annual General Assembly Meeting(AGM) Practices.
Diagnostic:Are your shareholders’ rights adequately protected?
Annex1Insider Trading.
Annex2Guidance for Administering the AGM.