English Language

The UAE is fast becoming a cradle of multinational business. Operating from a branch in the UAE is part of the plan of the newest companies and firms, not to mention the dozens already operating from there. Finance, marketing, IT and multimedia are spreading at a faster pace than ever before, bringing with them the need for a new kind of professional. This professional is required to be dynamic, productive, synergetic andable to cope with the demands of the newly created environment.

Along with the technical expertise needed to flourish in the new job market, the professional must have first-rate English language skills. English is the constantly getting to be the preferred language especially in a corporate business environment. To be accustomed to this rapidly rising demographic, one has to meet the unique challenge posed by it.

That is where we step in. The Zurich Training Institute takes you through all the required levels of shaping up anaptitude to help you make your way in these new professional surroundings.

Our training programmes are aimed at one thing: To familiarise you effectively and verifiably with the chosen medium of communication and planning at your workplace.