A course especially suited to expatriate students and working people alike, our Finance and Auditing course is designed to make efficient auditors along with an eye to bringing upan aptitude for financial analysis in the trainee.

Financial audits are one of the most delicate operations in relation to a company or enterprise. Accounting for how finances are being dispensed makes for many an important decision taken by company heads. Multinational businesses look for the most reliable professionals to chart their audit reports , because such reports reveal really discreet information about resource-handling and even intent of individuals inside the company.

In addition to understanding the tools of accounting, the students learn about the purpose of financial statements, the needs of the recipients of the audit reports, the assessment of risks to the business, examination of assets, expenses, debts and revenues and the substantive procedures involved in the process of auditing.Furthermore, the student also learns about how financial statements of an enterprise affect aspects of taxation and legal codes.

Further focus is paid to developing the technical and ethical characteristics important for successful auditing. But that’s not all as we at ZTI require our trainees to be good at communication skills with their future clients, to beable to frame a clear picture of their client organisation, to focus the audit approach by sorting out linkages within the client organisation and be able to list the target-questions which enable an auditor to grasp the big picture.