If you are someone with plans of making a place in the world of graphics art, we might be your launching pad. What you need is a proper working knowledge of how desktop publishing works.

Here at the Zurich Training Institute we teach you how to make websites, how to use design and layout skills and how to manipulate images via CAD.

There’s a big arena of web advertising for you out there. If you want to become a professional who knows the tricks of animation, scrolling banners, sound and text then our course is for you.

If you are a painter who uses brush and canvas, and you’re in Dubai, you may as well think of playing the field and enroll. You would find a whole new medium waiting for your expression and probably help you break new professional ground for yourself.

Students in our course are helped to target client focus, team work and adaptability. We also encourage our students to be business savvy and translate their passion into marketing their capabilities.