Pragmatism in solving employees’ issues, confidencein communicating with them, managementthat creates credibility, retaining the best of your team, discovering talent that is the need of the hour are one of the most valued qualities an HR professional can have. A company heads for new challenges when its human capital is in good shape.

We cover the key responsibilities of those working in an HR department through this course. Trainees learn about clever recruitment techniques, remuneration and benefit compensation systems, regulations at the workplace, employee orientation, ways to ensure quality performance and discipline, appraisals and other complex issues related to an office environment.

Our instructors aim for a solid foundation in human resource management that improves your HR job performance across multiple job titles and functions.

So whether you are a job seeker wanting HR skills to follow as a career option or a junior HR practitioner looking to improve your knowledge, a small business manager wanting to perform HR duties for your own company, maybe an experienced manager who wants to complement their employee management skills or a representative who sells HR systems to big companies, this course has a little something for everyone of you.