International Business Skills

Current Validated Qualifications:

The Business Skills Programme comprises of 8 stand-alone awards (listed below), which can be studied as individual awards, or combined to form the IBS Diploma in Business Skills (see the List of Diplomas for more information):


The Award in the Principles of Business and Finance

The Business & Finance Award introduces everyday business terminology and relates this to the more common legal business entities. The different internal and external factors that affect a business are explained and their importance explored. Basic financial planning is introduced and there is a focus on making best use of available resources, with particular emphasis placed on the importance of cash flow to the business.


The Award in the Principles of Business Communications

The Business Communication Award focuses on the importance of good communication throughout a business and the vital role it plays in its success. After successfully completing this award, delegates will appreciate the various types of communication used in a business, the importance of overcoming communication barriers and they will have a better understanding of good communication techniques.


The Award in the Principles of Business Etiquette

The Business Etiquette Award focuses on how a business interacts with both external and internal stakeholders. Understanding business etiquette, the established convention in which businesses relate to each other, is an essential skill for a business employee and this award introduces some of the cultural business expectations that are to be expected in the modern business environment. The award also introduces the important concept of business ethics.


The Award in the Principles of Marketing and Customer Service

This award has been designed to give delegates an understanding, both practically and theoretically, of the importance of customer service to a business and an appreciation of the important role they can play in delivering effective customer service.


The Award in the Principles of Information Technology for Business

The use of Information Technology is now fundamental to the success of a business. This award explores some of the more common technologies in everyday business and aims to give students an understanding of the technical and management skills required in the rapidly changing IT and business environment. This award will give delegates more confidence in the more common IT packages and enable them to derive maximum benefit from them.


The Award in the Principles of People Skills in Business

A business’s success mainly relies on how effectively it deals with the people it employs and how these employees interact with each other. This award looks closely at some of the key issues that arise when dealing with people and aims to equip delegates with the necessary skills to deal with teams and the conflict that may arise. It particularly looks at self management and dealing with issues relating to conflict.


The Award in the Principles of Self-Awareness and Personal Development

The Self-Awareness & Personal Development Award focuses on the importance of being aware of how we behave and appear to others. This ‘self-awareness’ is an important first step toward personal development. This award introduces some of the skills and techniques that are available to managers and employees to greatly assist their own and their team’s personal development.


The Award in the Principles of Time Management in Business

Time is a fixed resource over which we have no control. How we use that time, however, can greatly influence how effective we become. This module is designed to ensure that you are aware of your current time management techniques and what you can do to improve them over the short, medium and long term. It particularly looks at many of the most common time wasting activities that occur in most businesses and provides guidance on how to avoid them.