Ever heard of people skills? Or transferable skills? Business and labor are going through changes and newer alternatives are being explored. How you, as a professional, approach your work and even life is more important than ever. On one side are the skills that make up your job description and which have been tested through exams you have taken and the degree you have. On the other side, there are skills which cannot be tested through exams but which you must foster through experience and personal training.

Our course is there to teach you what really decides your success in a career. Professionals now-a-days lack something they do not usually think about. We wantyou to take steps toward defining a unique selling point for yourself.

No matter what kind of company you are working for or aim to work for, there is a whole network of people you have to deal with on a daily basis. How well you manage a relationship with them would spell how good you are at your soft skills. This relationship involves more than strictly attending to your job description.

Some of the key features addressed in this course are skillful communication, decision making, developing a leadership style, methods of adapting your motivation, building rapport within team members and managing time. We at ZTI inspire our students to build an attitude that takes them through the ups and downs of a latter day company environment.