Let Go and Flow with the life Workshop

Course Overview

This course is combination of three main strategies: 1.How to let go Presentation;2. The Power of NOW3. Effective transformation technique.

Hypnotherapy will help you tolet go of past hurts, emotions and memories.

Feel confident and strong in yourself now

Course Objectives.

  • How to let go?
  • How your life will change when you live “the moment?
  • How to handle the changes in your life?
  • How to practice the Power of NOW?
  • Learn how to access the power of the subconscious mind?
  • How hypnosis can help you to let go and enjoy the life.
  • Learn transformation techniques and relaxation tips.
  • When you proactively embrace change and learn to accept it as a part of life.

Course Take away

  • More Happy
  • More positive emotions
  • Better Performance
  • Learn to program your mind

Course Methodology

Zurich Training Institute will deliver the training in the most unconventional ways – with the intention to accelerate the learning and assuring training effectiveness. Professionals like any other human – learn best when they are having fun. The multi-facet trainer can pull off many surprises, bundled into punts, role-plays, impromptus simulations, case studies and visuals presentations – all in all – to create the most conducive learning process and address the needs of every participant.

Course Duration

This course is a 2 day workshopcommencing for 3 hours

Day 1

How Does Hypnotherapy Help?

  • Mend a Broken heart
  • Take control back
  • Discovering the power

How to let go?

  • Emotions
  • Handling the changes
  • practicing Power of NOW<

Self-hypnosis techniques and relaxation tips.

  • Accessing the power of now
  • Visualization
  • Affirmation


Role plays (Delegates perform real scenarios and discuss it)

  • Transforming suffering into peace
  • Releasing the negative emotions
  • Transformation technique ((Letting go & Flow with life))
  • Hypnotherapist Eliane Mezher will help you by creating a sense of relaxation, encouraging the subconscious mind to receive and retain helpful suggestions and affirmations in a group session.