Love yourself Workshop

Course Overview

This course is combination of three main strategies: 1.Hypnotherapy; 2. Neurolinguistic Programming3. Coaching

An effective hypnotherapy will help you to love yourself, more fulfilling lives based of self- image and accepting yourself. Learning how to take back control on your thoughts and images in your mind.
Helping the participants to love themselves naturally for who they are and start enjoying their life

Course Objectives.

  • Love yourself – Self-hypnosis technique
  • What is the meaning of LOVE in your life?
  • What are the steps to feel more lovable and respectful about yourself?
  • What do you need to love yourself?
  • How to love yourself first more than others?

Course Take away

  • Starting to say “NO” to others
  • Accepting themselves and recognizing the Good and the bad parts within themselves.
  • Learn to put boundaries and limits.

Course Methodology

Zurich Training Institute will deliver the training in the most unconventional ways – with the intention to accelerate the learning and assuring training effectiveness. Professionals like any other human – learn best when they are having fun. The multi-facet trainer can pull off many surprises, bundled into punts, role-plays, impromptus simulations, case studies and visuals presentations – all in all – to create the most conducive learning process and address the needs of every participant.

Course Duration

This course is a 2 day course commencing for 4 hours

Day 1

What is hypnosis?

  • Natural state of mind
  • Drifting Several times a day
  • Practicing hypnosis

Discover the power of subconscious mind

  • Discovering their hidden beliefs
  • Discovering the Smart of subconscious
  • How subconscious controlling their body

What is the meaning of Love in your life

  • Steps
  • Needs
  • Who you are

Priority in your life
(Movies to be watched and disscussin terms of love)


Role plays (Delegates perform real scenarios and discuss it)

  • Practicing the visualization and sensations
  • Our eyes are the windows of our heart

  • Associate and manifesting new personality
  • Giving yourself a cue to have these talents and abilities emerge.

  • Anchoring the state of Love Image
  • Anchor is the stimuli that call forth states of mind – thoughts andemotions

  • Hypnotherapist Eliane Mezher will help you by creating a sense of relaxation, encouraging the subconscious mind to receive and retain helpful suggestions and affirmation to discover and explore it deeply.