With growing business operations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai comes the growing need of marketing acumen. Newer insights into modes of promotion are a valuable asset. Professionals who contribute to promotion and sales are indispensable to companies and being trained to be just such a professional is what we offer at the Zurich Training Institute.

In order to sell effectively, company professionals need to put across informationat the right hour to the correct audience. From planning potent marketing campaigns to understanding how brands are built to effectively engaging with consumers to discerning the gaps in how well a company sees buyers’ needs to finding out the relevance of social media to marketing techniques, our course is knitted to help you master various facets of the world of sales.

With us, students get special focus on how social media scientists analyse and perceive marketing practices in today’s businesses. Our workshops are planned to make students interact with experiences from the field by inviting marketing employees who reveal the latest trends in organising sales and building credibility among consumers.