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Institute of Leadership & Management

  • ILM is the number one body for leadership, management and coaching qualifications in the UK
  • Our core portfolio contains concise qualifications with clear progression pathways
  • Our leadership and management VRQs are the most flexible qualifications available
  • 93% of employers see an improvement in their manager’s capabilityafter an ILM qualification
  • Over one million managers have taken an ILM qualification in the past 10 years

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ILM Level 2 Qualifications in Leadership and Team Skills

Who are these qualifications for?
The Award or Certificate in Leadership and Team Skills is ideal for practicing team leaders, helping them become more effective and confident in their role. They also support new or aspiring team leaders helping them make the transition from working in a team to leading a team.
Benefits for individuals

  • Learn core leadership and management skills
  • Put these skills into practice in your workplace
  • Improve your team’s performance
  • Get a nationally recognised qualification.

Benefits for employers

  • Motivated and competent team leaders
  • Increased productivity
  • Customise this qualification to suit organisational and individual needs
  • Workplace-based assessment ensures new skills are effectively transferred to the job.

The units in this qualification cover a wide range of skills, knowledge and understanding. These include units that focus on communication, working with people, providing direction and leadership, and getting results from problem-solving to planning and monitoring workloads.
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Leadership Track: ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management

Level 3: 5 Day Instructor Led Course – 35 Contact Hours
Who is this qualification for?
This qualification is ideal if you have management responsibilities but no formal training, and are serious about developing your abilities. It’s particularly suited to practicing team leaders seeking to move up to the next level of management, and managers who need to lead people through organisational change, budget cuts or other pressures.
Results for you

  • Gain a range of key management skills
  • Put new skills into practice in your own role
  • Build your leadership capabilities
  • Motivate and engage teams, manage relationships confidently
  • Develop your leadership skills using your own knowledge, values and motivations.

Impact for your employer

  • Effective and confident first-line managers
  • Better relationships and communication in teams
  • Measurable results: workplace-based assessment ensures new skills are effectively transferred to your business
  • A broad range of optional units qualification can be tailored to your organisations learning and development needs.

Focus on the skills you need
You can take this qualification as a concise Award, a broader Certificate or a comprehensive Diploma. The units in this qualification fall into seven broad areas. These are:

  • core management skills such as understanding how to organise and delegate
  • ability to perform management tasks manage projects, lead meetings
  • team leadership for example, how to motivate people to improve performance
  • change and innovation plan and manage change, create a culture of innovation
  • a full range of communications skills
  • managing people and relationships negotiation, networking, building relationships
  • leadership understand leadership, use action learning to develop your leadership capabilities.

Work with your employer or training provider to map units to your needs and skills gaps.