This is another special course at our institute that people in the UAE can make the most of to add value to their business practices. Without understanding what factors make a supply chain work effectively, you cannot expect to make a business work. The whole mechanism of the chain that starts with procurement, going till the end product is gained until the customer obtains the finished goods comes with a range of decisions. We train you to understand the kind of transactions needed to complete this mechanism and how distinct entities play their part in running this mechanism.

Our course is designed to familiarise you with the core tools you would need to manage a supply chain. The course is conducted keeping in mind the practical difficulties of such a management. Students are encouraged to work with supply chain network design tools along with multi-level inventory optimisation.

Whether it is a product or a particular service offered by your company, you are taught how to make the right decisions to assure its timely delivery to the customers. From strategic planning to tactical manoeuvres to keeping the supply chain active, you will be trained to handle the steady andlogical flow of a supply chain.